Permanent Makeup



We offer Permanent Makeup tailored to best satisfy your special needs.


We focus on your comfort, providing you with sufficient pre-numbing.  We have one special only for the eyes in order not to irritate this sensitive area. Eyebrows, eyeliners and lips are shaped according to your confirmation, and carefully drawn for the satisfaction of your individual needs. 


We make sure to enhance your natural beauty, and only pigment will be applied  once the shapes are approved. Eyebrows never appear stamped.  Eyeliner can be fitted to your personal needs, thinner or thicker. We offer a calm, relaxing and positive experience. Procedures last two  to seven years in most cases. 


Eyebrows start at $350.00 - Eyeliner start at $350.00 - Lipliner start $350.00 -  Full lips start $450.00.



Permanent Makeup Heal. Lips Brows and Liner 

Pictures are not Retouched